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Michele V Jul 2015

What a great experience! Tena and her family clearly love dogs. Loved to hear her children argue over who my dog will sleep with. At pick up my dog was in the pool!!! Pumpkin returned home happy and exhausted!! Thanks Tena!!

Andrea K Jun 2016

Our puppy Riley stayed with Tena and her family over the Memorial Day weekend. Tena kept us informed as to how Riley was doing each day and even sent us a few pictures. Although I'm sure she missed us, Riley seemed to be happy to be with Tena and her children, and their dog Karma. This is so much nicer than putting Riley in a kennel where she would be by herself most of the day and night. We would definitely use Tena to take care of Riley the next time we go out of town.

Michelle R. Aug 2016

Tena was amazing! She loved my Charlie like he was her own and I had peace of mind knowing he was given the attention and love he needs while we were away. She sent us pictures and gave us updates on him. I would recommend Tena to everyone and the next time we go away, we know exactly where to bring our baby!

Michelle A. D. Jul 2016

Tena was fantastic! Her home is warm and welcoming and Max loved staying with her. In addition to that it was spotless. I booked her again for the following weekend and Max can't wait! I highly recommend Tena to anyone looking for someone who will love and take great care of your pup! Thank you Tena for taking care of my furry baby!

Tom Nasti 25 Nov, 2016

I recently needed to board my two year old beagle/ lab, very high energy dog for 10 days. I had bad experiences leaving her with my Vet and through a reference, heard about Tena and Adam. I can not begin to tell you the care that Anna received with them. I'm the nervous type when it comes to my,"Baby," Anna. They went above and beyond. I was in constant touch with them and they never made me feel as if I was a bother. Just the opposite. I got pictures of Anna, almost daily. I would strongly advise anyone thinking about boarding your Dog, to please think again! How can you compare your pet being in a Cage or Small Run to total use of their home? Tena and Adam are the best! I would recommend them highly! Call me! 516-314-6622

Kelee Zaccardi 10 Nov, 2016

I am so happy that I finally found a reliable place to board my dog. I have a German Shepherd and she can be a lot to handle, so we rarely ever travel as a family for the weekend but that has all changed thanks to beds, bones and biscuits. They make my Phoenix feel right at home. The owners are so friendly and like family she runs right to them when I drop her off. I can travel in peace knowing she is safe, happy and at home.

Tara Daniels 28 Oct, 2016

I have 2 Havanese that hate to be away from us. I normally would only be able to go away if a family member or friend stayed at our house to be with them, as I figured keeping them in their own environment was best. Then I heard about about Beds, Bones and Biscuits through a friend of mine that swears by them. I took both of my doggies over to meet with Tena and Adam at their home and the first thing I noticed was that I felt comfortable right away with the thought of leaving them there. You could not even detect that they had pets in the house, much less the 4 dogs they were currently boarding. Everything was spotless and smelled clean and well-kept and I am literally grossed out by everything. Their home had a great energy and a cozy environment and after initially barking at the other dogs (who were also barking) as we entered, Daisy and Coco could not be more excited to play. Our initial consultation went so well that I booked them to stay the 5 nights we would be away and I couldn’t be happier. I would text Tena to check in the first 2 days—and she even sent me pictures of my babies playing and sleeping in her daughter’s bed—we also tried to facetime but was not really necessary, lol! Needless to say, I was finally able to enjoy our vacation with my family with a clear mind. A million thanks to Tena and Adam for a fabulous job at taking care of my Daisy and Coco as good as I would.

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